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Making Good Men

Fiona Apanui-Kupenga
Screening time  
26.02. / Monday, 17:00 - 19:00 Theatre 2  
Two high profile men reveal their unforgettable account of bullying with unprecedented honesty.

For the past 30 years, the Bully, former All Black, Norm Hewitt, and his victim, television actor, Manu Bennett, often thought about each other; about their time at boarding school; about the terror Manu experienced at the fists of Norm; and about the lives they both went on to live. They often wondered, independently, what they would say if they ever met. Making Good Men documents this chance meeting and the wider impact it’s had on their families; With brutal honesty, the film reveals how and why it all began and how men used their past and their hurt to rise to the top of their careers.


Fiona Apanui-Kupenga

Fiona Apanui-Kupenga is a director and producer. Her credits include Making Good Men (2016), Kitchen Kura (2016), Patapatai (2015), Fitness in the Whare (2015), Behind the Brush (2014) and Survive Aotearoa (2013).

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Making Good Men

New Zealand
2016, 46'

Directed by:
Fiona Apanui-Kupenga

Screenplay by:
Manukaroa Anderson

Mike Jonathan

Edited by:
Te Rurehe Paki

Fiona Apanui-Kupenga

Produced by:
Te Amokura Productions

Festivals & Awards:

DoCEdge Festival 2017 - Best Documentary & Best Director; NZ TV Awards 2017 - Best Documentary