Claire Simon


Claire Simon
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28.02. / Wednesday, 16:00 - 18:00 Theatre 4  
There is a country so small it resembles a theatre stage.

Two or three times a day, this country is populated by inhabitants who are tiny in size. Even though they live in accordance with the law, these miniature inhabitants never cease to question it, sometimes even violently rebelling against it. The name of this country is the Schoolyard and its inhabitants are the Children. Playtime is a short philosophical rumination on coexistence in a multicultural environment, viewed through the eyes of children.


Claire Simon

Claire Simon is a prolific French director, writer, actress, director of photography and editor born in London in 1955. She divides her work between fiction and documentary with the same dedication, often blurring the lines between the two within the same film. Refusing to follow a classic cinema course, she made her first films on her own in the mid-1970s. Simon’s focus is without a doubt anthropocentric – for her, cinema is a way to examine reality closely and her work is often characterized as belonging to the cinéma-vérité tradition. She – always with the utmost respect – gives voice to those who need it, placing emphasis on stories about teenagers, women and immigrants. She makes films with a distinctive fluidity and delicacy; the various realities presented in her work are complex, authentic and textured, while this is achieved with the most straightforward and sincere of cinematic means.This prolific director has more than 15 films to her credit. Among her most notable films are La Police (1988), Les Patients (1990), Scènes de ménage (1991), At All Costs (1995), Récréations, A Foreign Body – her first feature film – both from 1997, her second feature film Ça brûle (2006), God’s Offices (2008), Romance – 800 Kilometers of Difference (2002), Mimi (2003), Gare du Nord (2013), Human Geography (2013), The Woods Dreams are Made of (2015), and The Graduation (2016).

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1992, 54'

Directed by:
Claire Simon

Screenplay by:
Claire Simon

Claire Simon

Edited by:
Suzanne Koch

Pierre-Louis Garcia

Produced by:
Les Films d’Ici, La Sept