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Brett Morgen
Screening time  
02.03. / Friday, 19:00 - 21:00 Theatre 1  
04.03. / Nedjelja, 20:00 - 22:00 Dvorana 1  
"Jane" depicts the life of Jane Goodall, the famous primatologist and the first person to study the life of chimpanzees in Tanzanian wilderness in 1960.

In the 1960s, National Geographic sent a cameraman to film Jane Goodall's pioneering work with chimpanzees in Tanzania's Gombe Stream National Park. Goodall was a striking figure, hand-picked in her twenties by groundbreaking paleontologist Louis Leakey for her love of animals, her appetite for adventure, and her patience. Photographer and filmmaker Hugo van Lawick trained his camera on her as much as on the chimpanzees. He shot over 140 hours of 16mm footage that was stored in an archive for decades—until now. Filmmaker Brett Morgen makes the most of this extraordinary visual record of Goodall's early career. This isn't a traditional nature film or biography. It's a romantic epic, combining van Lawick's cinematography, Goodall's eloquent storytelling, and a magnificent new score by Philip Glass.


Brett Morgen

Brett Morgen earned a BA in Mythology and American History at Hampshire College and an MFA in film from NYU. His work has received international acclaim, including several premieres and a Special Jury award at Sundance, selection at Cannes, a DGA award, an Academy Award nomination, WGA and ACE nominations, numerous Emmy nominations, and a Peabody Award. Filmography: Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015, screened at 2016 ZagrebDox), Crossfire Hurricane (2012), 30 For 30: June 17, 1994 (2010), On the Ropes (1999), Chicago 10 (2007), Nimrod Nation (2007), The Kid Stays in the Picture (2002). 

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2017, 90'

Directed by:
Brett Morgen

Screenplay by:
Brett Morgen

Hugo van Lawick, Ellen Kuras

Edited by:
Joe Beshenkovsky, Brett Morgen, Will Zndaric

Philip Glass

Brett Morgen, Bryan Burk, James Smith

Produced by:
National Geographic Studios, Public Road Productions

Festivals & Awards:

American Cinema Editors 2018 – Best Edited Documentary – Feature; Chicago Film Critics Association Awards 2017 – Best Documentary; Cinema Eye Honors Awards 2018 – Cinema Eye Audience Choice Prize, Cinema Eye Honors Award, Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Score; Critics Choice Documentary Awards 2017 – Best Documentary; Florida Film Critics Circle Awards 2017 – Best Documentary; Houston Film Critics Society Awards 2018 – Best Documentary Feature; Iowa Film Critics Awards 2018 – Best Documentary; Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards 2017 – Best Documentary; Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards 2017 – Best Documentary; Leeds International Film Festival 2017 – Audience Award; National Board of Review 2017 – Best Documentary; Nevada Film Critics Society 2017 – Best Documentary; North Texas Film Critics Association 2018 – Best Documentary; Philadelphia Film Festival 2017 – Student Choice Award; Philadelphia Film Critics Circle Awards 2017 – Best Documentary Film; San Diego Film Critics Society Awards 2017 – Best Documentary; Women Film Critics Circle Awards 2017 – Best Documentary by or About Women; IDFA 2017; Toronto International Film Festival 2017