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A Modern Man

Eva Mulvad
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01.03. / Thursday, 17:00 - 18:45 Theatre 2  
01.03. / Thursday, 21:00 - 23:00 Theatre 2  
"A Modern Man" is a portrait of Charlie Siem, a rich heir, internationally acclaimed violinist and recent Hugo Boss model. And a true American Psycho.

Charlie Siem likes luxury cars, grand hotels and tailored clothes. He is fanatical about taking care of his body and settles for nothing less than perfection. Looking into the camera, he even unironically claims to want to be superhuman. A wealthy heir, internationally successful classical violinist and freshly minted Hugo Boss model, this gentle American Psycho is obsessed with success and recognition. But behind his unflappable exterior, seductive smile and perfectly sculpted body is an anxiety-ridden, deeply lonely man, observed by Eva Mulvad’s camera with a keen mix of distance and empathy. Welcome to the world of a man of his time, the disquieting product of an age in which nothing matters more than visible overachievement.


Eva Mulvad

Eva Mulvad, born 1972, is a Danish documentary lm director. She graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 2001. Eva is a director of documentaries for DR TV since 1997. In 2006 she received IDFA Silver Wolf Award and World Cinema Jury Prize at Sundance for Enemies of Happiness. She also was a winner of the 2006 Women in Film and TV award for young film talents. The Good Life (2010) was shown at IDFA and won the award for Best Documentary at Karlovy Vary IFF. Her film A Modern Man (2017) premiered at CPH:DOX.

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A Modern Man

2017, 85'

Directed by:
Eva Mulvad

Eva Mulvad, Sebastian Bäumler, Balthazar Hertel, Konrad Waldmann

Edited by:
Adam Nielsen

Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær, Stefan Kloos, Sidsel Lønvig Siersted

Produced by:
Danish Documentary Production ApS

Festivals & Awards:

CPH:DOX 2017 – Nordic:Dox Award; DOK.fest Munich 2017