Regional Competition

When the War Comes

Jan Gebert
Screening time  
26.02. / Monday, 20:00 - 22:00 Theatre 3  
01.03. / Thursday, 22:00 - 00:00 Theatre 4  
03.03. / Saturday, 13:00 - 15:00 Theatre 2  
04.03. / Nedjelja, 14:00 - 16:00 Dvorana 3  
The film about a paramilitary group which recruits hundreds of teenagers in Slovakia with the government’s silent approval.

At first glance, Peter lives the life of a typical European teenager – he lives with his parents, has a pretty girlfriend, he just got into college. However, his real life is elsewhere – as the head of the paramilitary group called ‘Slovenskí branci’ that recruits hundreds of Slovakian teenagers, with the silent approval of the authorities. The group’s goal is simple – to prepare for wartime and create a model community based on military drill, obedience and fear. Peter dreams of one day being able to convince the entire society, as a great politician. The film portrays a leader’s rise to power and touches on very topical themes of nationalism and the mechanism of power.


Jan Gebert

Jan Gebert, born in 1981 in Prague, is a journalist and filmmaker. He graduated in History and Latin American studies from the Charles University in Prague. He also studied in Spain, USA and Mexico. In 2007, he received the Story of a Refugee Journalist Award from the UNHCR, and in 2008, the European Commission’s Journalist Award, given as part of the campaign For Diversity, Against Discrimination. His film debut Stone Games (2012) premiered at the Jihlava IDFF and received a Special Jury Award. Gebert participated with When the War Comes (2018) at the Pitching Forum of 2016 ZagrebDox Pro.

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Až přijde válka

Czech Republic, Croatia
2018, 78'

Directed by:
Jan Gebert

Screenplay by:
Jan Gebert

Lukáš Milota

Edited by:
Jana Vlčková

Johny Poupě

Radovan Sibrt, Alžběta Karásková, Tereza Polachová, Hanka Kastelicová, Miljenka Čogelja, Dana Budisavljević

Produced by:
Pink, HBO Czech Republic, Hulahop

Festivals & Awards:

Berlin International Film Festival 2018