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Dan Sickles, Antonio Santini
Screening time  
02.03. / Friday, 13:00 - 15:00 Theatre 2  
03.03. / Saturday, 22:00 - 00:00 Theatre 3  
A charming, quirky and unconventional love-story between two eccentric souls.

Dina, an outspoken and eccentric 49-year-old in suburban Philadelphia, invites her fiancé Scott, a Walmart door greeter, to move in with her. Having grown up neurologically diverse in a world blind to the value of their experience, the two are head-over-heels for one another, but shacking up poses a new challenge. Filmmakers construct seamless vérité scenes that lovingly frame Dina and Scott’s vulnerable, yet matter-of-fact romance. Whether at the local nail salon, the warm beaches of Ocean City, Dina’s racy bachelorette party, or on honeymoon in the Poconos, Dina captures the cadences and candid conversations of a relationship that re-examines the notion of love on screen.


Dan Sickles

Dan Sickles je redatelj, glumac i pisac rođen u Philadelphiji, a trenutačno živi između New Yorka i Pariza. Najpoznatiji je kao redatelj filma Mala Mala (2014), koji je snimio s Antonijem Santinijem. Dina je njihov drugi zajednički film.


Antonio Santini

Antonio Santini is an artist and director born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He kicked off his exploration of the film medium when he made the movie Killer Tranny. He then directed Mala Mala (2014) about the trans experience in Puerto Rico alongside Dan Sickles. Dina (2017) is his second film.

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2017, 101'

Directed by:
Dan Sickles, Antonio Santini

Adam Uhl

Edited by:
Sofía Subercaseaux

Michael Cera

Antonio Santini, Dan Sickles

Produced by:
El Peligrio Films

Festivals & Awards:

Sundance Film Festival 2017 – Grand Jury Prize, US Documentary; Sun Valley Film Festival 2017 – Producers Vision Award, Sarasota Film Festival 2017 – Honesty and Humanity Award; IDA Documentary Awards 2017 – Best Feature; True/False Film Festival 2017; Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017; DocAviv International Film Festival 2017; Melbourne International Film Festival 2017