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Licu, a Romanian Story

Ana Dumitrescu
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02.03. / Friday, 18:00 - 20:00 Theatre 3  
At the age of 92, Liviu Canţer, called Licu, has lived through some of the most dramatic events of the 20th century in his home country of Romania.

Having witnessed first-hand the Second World War, expulsions, Ceauşescu’s industrialisation and surveillance, the revolution of 1989, and the corrupt post-communism on the margins of the EU, he has many stories to tell. However, he is one of the last living members of his generation, so he is running out of contemporaries with whom to share his experiences. The director takes the time to talk to him, listening to his recollections and filming him throughout the seasons. They talk at his house, brimming with family history. Over the course of the film, the two develop a relationship, and she goes from invisible observer to visitor, while Licu cooks for her and offers her homemade schnapps, as he displays his photo archive. Some days are happy, others are sad, yet, a certain sense of resignation lingers.


Ana Dumitrescu

Ana Dumitrescu is a director whose work deals with societal topics such as the Roma Holocaust during the Second World War, homophobia in Romania, or undocumented workers in France. To date, she has directed and produced several feature films: Time of Light (2017), Même pas Peur! (2015) and Khaos (2012). Licu, a Romanian Story is her latest feature documentary.

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Licu, o poveste romaneasca

2017, 85' 10''

Directed by:
Ana Dumitrescu

Screenplay by:
Ana Dumitrescu

Ana Dumitrescu

Edited by:
Ana Dumitrescu

Domenico Curcio

Ana Dumitrescu, Jonathan Boissay

Produced by:
Jules et Films

Festivals & Awards:

DOK Leipzig 2017 – Golden Dove for Best Feature Documentary