ZagrebDox Pro - Terms & Conditions

ARTICLE 1 / General provisions

ZagrebDox Pro is a programme intended for documentary filmmakers and producers, taking place during the International Documentary Film Festival ZagrebDox. ZagrebDox Pro is organised with the support from the City of Zagreb Office for Education, Culture and Sport, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, European Union’s MEDIA Programme and sponsors. The aims of the ZagrebDox Pro project are to stimulate exchange of information in the world of documentary film, help participants successfully acquire the skills required to find international partners for co-financing their films, enable exchange of creative ideas and knowledge, provide insight into recent documentary production, improve networking between documentary project authors, producers and potential partners, funders and documentary cinemas. ZagrebDox Pro strives to stimulate collaboration in southeast Europe and provides a platform for mutual acquaintance and acknowledgment of global, European, regional and local documentary scene. The official language of ZagrebDox Pro is English.

ARTICLE 2 / ZagrebDox Pro project’s programme

ZagrebDox Pro is a six-day programme comprising: group and individual work on selected projects, master classes, pitching forum and international collaboration day. A part of the workshop programme is intended only for chosen participants. All the programmes open to the public (lectures, presentations, roundtables, screenings etc.) are clearly marked in ZagrebDox Pro’s line-up.

ARTICLE 3 / ZagrebDox Pro participants

The workshop is open to directors and producers worldwide. In particular cases, teams can be joined by a screenwriter, cinematographer or editor. The team usually consists of two members, but can have up to three members. Priority in the selection process will be given to projects from Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia, followed by projects from other countries focusing on region-related subjects, projects whose authors originate from the region, or projects that already have or are looking for a co-producer from the region. After three days of preparing the project for presentation, mentored by renowned tutors, the directors and/or producers of 12 selected projects will be given a chance to present their project at a pitching forum to a group of qualified regional and international documentary television programme editors, distributors, producers film festival and film fund representatives.

Only the team members who took part at the workshop can attend the pitching forum. The pitching forum is conducted in line with the prescribed format: 7 minutes for project presentations (including video materials and other visual materials) and 8 minutes for panel member questions. The participants also get a chance for one-on-one meetings with the panel members.

Up to six observers can attend the workshop. Observer candidates can apply to the address pro@zagrebdox.netafter the workshop selection has been made public. An email with the subject I WANT TO BE AN OBSERVER should contain a name, an email and a telephone number.

All the participants will receive a diploma which confirms their participation at the workshop and are obliged to visibly state the ZagrebDox Pro logo on the end credits of the completed final version of the film which took part at the workshop in its project stage. The logo can be downloaded from the ZagrebDox official website –

ARTICLE 4 / Applying projects for ZagrebDox Pro programme

Projects are entered via an online application. All entered information should be in English, the budget should be expressed in Euro and the trailer/teaser should have English subtitles. Beside required information in the application, applicants can upload additional supporting project materials (project study with detailed information, detailed budget, etc.) in order to better present their project to the selectors and to increase their chances of being selected. The application deadline opens early in October and closes early in December.

ARTICLE 5 / ZagrebDox Pro scholarships

ZagrebDox Pro will provide scholarships for six workshop participants to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. Application for scholarships are available within online application for the project. Priority in granting scholarships will be given to projects in post-production and projects from low production capacity countries. The decision on scholarships will be made by the organiser.

ARTICLE 6 / ZagrebDox Pro awards

The best project at the ZagrebDox Pro workshop wins a diploma and a one-year online mentorship with some of the acclaimed European film professionals. In addition to online mentorship, the organiser can distribute additional awards from the sponsors.

ARTICLE 7 / Accreditations

All the participants selected for ZagrebDox Pro will get a ZagrebDox PRO pass which gives them access to all the festival events and free admission to all screenings.

ARTICLE 8 / Organiser

The ZagrebDox Pro project organiser is Factum association: Factum, Nova Ves 18/3, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia, phone: +385 1 4854 821, fax: +385 1 4854 823, email:, web:, OIB: 81603361175, IBAN HR7523600001500133023

ARTICLE 9 / Final provisions

Terms and Conditions are written in Croatian and English. All the participants of ZagrebDox Pro accept the terms and conditions. In case of uncertainties in interpreting the text, the Croatian version is taken as valid. The items not encompassed in the Terms and Conditions will be discussed directly by the ZagrebDox Pro organisers in line with the organiser’s Statute. In case of a legal dispute, all the matters pertaining to ZagrebDox Pro will be settled by a competent court in Zagreb. The CEO of Factum reserves the right to make decisions and settle matters not specified in the Terms and Conditions.