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Pablo Iraburu, Migueltxo Molina
Screening time  
02.03. / Thursday, 17:00 - 19:00 Theatre 2  
A story about walls erected all over the world to set the boundaries between poverty and prosperity.

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 raised hopes of a world with no more concrete borders dividing populations. But today we see the exact opposite, and walls have been erected all over the world to set the boundaries between poverty and prosperity. On the U.S.-Mexican border, we meet a Vietnam vet placing crosses where Mexicans lost their lives trying to find a better life. On the other side, a Mexican couple is waiting for the right moment to attempt a climb over. A sentry patrols the banks of the Limpopo River along the border of Zimbabwe and South Africa, where many refugees drown trying to cross. At the Moroccan-Spanish border, we see a woman carrying huge packages on her back. The border scenes flow effortlessly into one another. Directors Pablo Iraburu and Migueltxo Molina add new meaning by placing the tableaux in split-screen compositions.


Pablo Iraburu

Pablo Iraburu is the founder of film production Arena Comunicación. His first full-length film as producer and co-scriptwriter was Nömadak TX. His film Pura Vida/The Ridge, was filmed in ten different countries and screened internationally. He co-directed Walls with Migueltxo Molina.


Migueltxo Molina

Migueltxo Molina is photography director, editor and producer in Arena Comunicación Audiovisual since 2007. Among his most recent works is the TV programme Desafío 14+1. He is the co-director and co-scriptwriter of Pura Vida/The Ridge and co-director of Walls with Pablo Iraburu.

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2015, 84'

Directed by:
Pablo Iraburu, Migueltxo Molina

Screenplay by:
Pablo Iraburu

Pablo Iraburu

Edited by:
Migueltxo Molina , Pablo Iraburu

Mikel Salas

Marga Gutiérrez, Itziar García Zubiri, Harkaitz Mtez. de San Vicente, Igor Otxoa

Produced by:
Arena Comunicación Audiovisual, Txalap.Art

Festivals & Awards:

IDFA 2016 – Global Justice Award; Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2016; Cleveland International Film Festival 2016; Stockholm Film Festival 2016; International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights FIFDH 2016; Vilnius International Film Festival 2016