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My Life With A Robot

Thibaut Sève
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01.03. / Wednesday, 20:00 - 22:00 Theatre 5  
01.03. / Wednesday, 22:00 - 00:00 Theatre 4  
Domestics robots are the next scientific and cultural revolution. But what is it like living with one of them 24 hours a day?

They are teachers, nurses, rescuers and who knows what else in the future? They can have any shapes: automatic cars, pets, or humans. They are robots. But what is it like living with one of them 24 hours a day? Angelica, a robotics engineer, and her boyfriend have decided to do it for six months. They will also travel around the world to check the latest advances in the field. How will they cope with this very peculiar ménage à trois?


Thibaut Sève

Thibaut Sève is film director, born in 1982 in France. His first documentary as director was Howwarah, une famille en Palestine. He has made many contributions as editor for documentaries like Ces fromages qu’on assassine or T-Shirt Stories for the national channels like Arte and Canal Plus. My Life With a Robot is his latest documentary.

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Ma vie avec un robot

2016, 52'

Directed by:
Thibaut Sève

Screenplay by:
Thibaut Sève

Thibaut Sève

Edited by:
Marie-Pierre Camus

Julien Thiault

Hind Saih

Produced by:
Bellta Films, Planète +