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Stephan Regoli, Pascal Regoli
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04.03. / Saturday, 17:00 - 19:00 Theatre 3  
The song Solenzara takes us around the world following the footsteps of nostalgia, a feeling that brings together cultures.

The Corsican song Solenzara was an international hit in the sixties, translated into fifteen languages. Twenty-five years later, unbeknown to the original creators, Goran Bregovic used the music as the basis for his composition In the Deathcar, sung by Iggy Pop. The soundtrack to the film Arizona Dream by Emir Kusturica experienced an even greater success than Solenzara. How just a few notes managed to captivate the public for more than fifty years? What exactly is it that they stir within us? As well as documenting the song’s history, the film tells of how the nostalgia and affection felt forSolenzara brings cultures and artists from all over the world together.


Stephan Regoli

Stephan V. Regoli, born in 1982 in France, received a professional degree in Audiovisual Art from the University Institute of Technology in Corsica and a master's degree in Theater Studies. After he made three documentary films for regional channel France 3, he established Chjachjarella Produzione with Pierre Le Bloa.

Pascal Regoli

Pascal Regoli, born in 1956 in France, is a musician and a self-taught filmmaker. During the 1970s, he had a brief music career with the band Angel Face in Paris whereupon he started to film mostly music events with the Pacific Video Society. Since 1990, he lives and works in Corsica where he produces documentaries for France 3.

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2017, 52'

Directed by:
Stephan Regoli, Pascal Regoli

Screenplay by:
Pascal, Stephan V. Regoli

Pascal, Stephan V. Regoli

Edited by:
Laurence Leduc


Stephan Regoli

Produced by:
Chjachjarella Produzione