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One More Time With Feeling

Andrew Dominik
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01.03. / Wednesday, 22:00 - 00:00 Theatre 1  
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04.03. / Saturday, 22:00 - 00:00 Theatre 5  
The film unveils the making-of process of the "Skeleton Tree" album immediately after Nick Cave's greatest tragedy, the loss of his son.

Initially envisioned as the simple record of a musical performance, this 3D performance-based film took a new format, full of meanings, as it followed the tragic context of the creation and recording of the album Skeleton Tree, by musician Nick Cave and his band, The Bad Seeds. Intercalating live performances with the first run of new songs and interviews, the material has as its guide intermittent, reflective and improvised, narration by Cave himself. Filmed in black-and-white (with surprising moments of color), the result is fragile, raw and a true testament to an artist trying to find his way through the darkness.


Andrew Dominik

Andrew Dominik, director, born in 1967, Wellington, New Zealand. He began his career directing music videos. He went on to win acclaim with a trio of films about violent males: Chopper, starring Australia's Eric Bana, and two movies with Brad Pitt, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (which made many best of 2007 lists) and American underworld tale Killing Them Softly.

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One More Time With Feeling

Great Britain, France
2016, 112'

Directed by:
Andrew Dominik

Alwin H. Kuchler, Benoit Debie

Edited by:
Shane Reid

Nick Cave, Warren Ellis

Dulcie Kellett, James Wilson

Produced by:
Iconoclast, JW Films, Pulse Films

Festivals & Awards:

Venice International Film Festival 2016; Seattle International Film Festival 2016; Dubai International Film Festival 2016