Happy Dox


Miro Remo
Screening time  
01.03. / Wednesday, 19:00 - 21:00 Theatre 3  
Humorous, ironic, but also a serious film about the meaning and status of Slovak culture.

Culture has become one of the ingredients businesses. Hence, its quality is subject to commercial interests far more than before 1989, when it was transformed into different easily digestible genres but of questionable quality. Despite the social-cultural release after the fall of communism, our culture is still looking for its identity. This culture in its adolescence finds it difficult to progress. New media and the Internet have become the most widespread forms of dissemination. There has been a significant outflow of viewers from traditional cultural events. New phenomena related to the change in lifestyle have appeared. What does Slovak culture look like today?


Miro Remo

Miro Remo is film director born in Ladce, Slovakia. As soon as he was accepted into the documentary film-directing program at the Academy of Performing Arts, he left his mechatronics studies to study in the film atelier of Vlado Balco at the Academy, where he currently continues to work. Miro holds more than 40 awards from international film festivals. His most successful film so far is Arsy-Versy (2009) and Comeback (2014) is his feature-length debut.

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2016, 67'

Directed by:
Miro Remo

Screenplay by:
Marek Kučera

Miro Remo

Edited by:
Marek Kráľovský

Miro Remo

Produced by:
Miro Remo