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Nature: All Rights Reserved

Sebastian Mulder
Screening time  
03.03. / Friday, 19:00 - 21:00 Theatre 3  
The essayistic documentary 'Nature: all rights reserved' examines the context, experience and various forms of simulated nature.

Artificial grass on the balcony, a conference room with a wallpaper forest, a palm beach in the dentist’s waiting room. This short documentary examines the role of simulated nature in our society. To what extent does artificial nature meet the needs of city dwellers and where do the simulations fall short? Will artificial nature replace real nature one day?


Sebastian Mulder

Sebastian Mulder (Nijmegen NL, 1994) explores the relationships between humans and other nature, and the influence of technology on these relationships. In his experimental and poetic documentaries, he questions our world’s future. His graduation film for his audiovisual media degree at the University of Arts in Utrecht, Nature: All Rights Reserved (2016), was screened at Palm Springs, Jihlava and awarded Best European Student film at Go Short. He recently finished Naya (2021). Additionally, Sebastian teaches at photography museum FOAM and Filmmuseum Eye in Amsterdam, conducting film and photography workshops and tours.

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Nature: All Rights Reserved

2016, 22'

Directed by:
Sebastian Mulder

Screenplay by:
Sebastian Mulder

Maxime Brun

Edited by:
Wouter Hoek

Joost van ‘T Hoff

Sebastian Mulder

Produced by:
University of the Arts Utrecht

Festivals & Awards:

Netherlands Film Festival 2016