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My Own Private War

Lidija Zelović
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03.03. / Friday, 19:00 - 21:00 Theatre 3  
What happens when collective trauma enters a family? A story told from the personal experience of the filmmaker.

Born into an ethnically mixed family, Lidija Zelović grew up in Sarajevo where she started to work as a TV reporter. In the early 1990s, she fled from the Balkan civil war to the Netherlands but she later returned to report as a TV journalist from her home country. Now she returns on a personal quest to settle an account with the country where she was born. What awaits her twenty years on is a war that is still going on in the minds of the people. With mounting frustration, Zelović is confronted with old hatred and new nationalist aggression – and discovers that her family's role as victims wasn't fully accurate: her cousin was a sniper, responsible for insidious ambushes and killings. What the director had planned as an attempt at reconciliation with the past turns into a mission through a minefield.


Lidija Zelović

Lidija Zelović was born in 1970 in Yugoslavia. She studied Yugoslav literature and Serbo-Croatian language. When war started, Lidija became a refugee in The Netherlands. She went back to university to study Film and TV Sciences. This is how she became a film director. By now she has directed seven documentary films.

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My Own Private War

2016, 57'

Directed by:
Lidija Zelović

Screenplay by:
Lidija Zelović, Rogier Kappers

Alexander Goekjian, Marinus Groothof, Lidija Zelović, Tatjana Bozić

Edited by:
Alexander Goekjian


Margie Mofils

Produced by:

Festivals & Awards:

Sevastopol International Festival of Documentary Films and TV programs 2016 – Award of the President of the Festival, Visions du Réel 2016, Sarajevo Film Festival 2016, Esperanza Film Festival 2016, Free Zone Belgrade 2016