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Reinvention of Normal

Liam Sain-Pierre
Screening time  
02.03. / Thursday, 22:00 - 00:00 Theatre 3  
An inventor stays in touch with his heart and transforms the mundane into something magical.

Toothbrush maracas, an umbrella with plant pots, a teacup cooling fan and the reverse bungee. Go straight off the wall, said his father, and Dominic Wilcox listened. This short film follows the London artist, inventor and designer on his quest to come up with something creative every day. The result is a font of productivity as he transforms the mundane and ordinary into surprises, wonders and, sometimes, just plain absurdities.


Liam Sain-Pierre

Liam Saint-Pierre was born in 1977, in Blackburn, England. Liam’s background was in stills photography and as a documentary camera operator, where he worked with the likes of Shane Meadows at Warp Films. With a desire to tell stories, Liam’s path naturally led to directing, where his skills as a versatile filmmaker allowed him to create beautiful and intimate imagery across a variety of mediums.

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Reinvention of Normal

Great Britain
2015, 8'

Directed by:
Liam Sain-Pierre

Screenplay by:
Liam Saint-Pierre

Liam Saint-Pierre

Edited by:
Sam White

Olly Jenkins

Liam Saint-Pierre

Produced by:
Liam Saint-Pierre

Festivals & Awards:

Berlin Short Film Festival 2016 – Best Documentary; Sunderland Short Film Festival 2016 – Best Documentary; Leeds International Film Festival 2016 – Audience Award; New York City Short Film Festival 2016 – Best Short Documentary; Full Bloom Film Festival 2016 – Best Documentary; Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2016; London Short Film Festival 2016; DOC NYC 2016; Telluride Moutainfilm Festival; Southend Film Festival; Los Angeles Cinefest; Vienna Short Film Project; Take One Action Film Festival; On The Edge Film Festival