Lana Kosovac
Screening time  
28.02. / Tuesday, 17:00 - 19:00 Theatre 2  
Two young teams; actors and a film crew have to overcome many obstacles while trying to make a play and a film about the process.

Young actors in New York are working with a famous director on an exceptionally demanding project. An inexperienced film crew is following a months-long preparation for a show, while at the same time facing some creative and production related confusions themselves and becoming the film protagonists. What difficulties is the show’s production team facing, what kind of doubts are troubling the cast, what kind of problems is the film crew dealing with? Both teams will be exposed to great pressure and will have to meet high expectations in the first steps of their professional career. The film that started as a making of developed into a creative auteur documentary.


Lana Kosovac

Lana Kosovac graduated in Political Science at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Film and TV Directing at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Her student short films and documentaries have been shown at a number of Croatian and international film festivals. Her documentary Park of Love (2013) was screened at ZagrebDox and it won the audience award at the Liburnia Film Festival. The short film I Hate You (2013) won the best film award in the national competition at the Tabor Film Festival. She is an active member of Kinoklub Zagreb where she coordinates the Film School within the framework of which she teaches film directing. Confusions is her first feature film.

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2016, 73'

Directed by:
Lana Kosovac

Screenplay by:
Lana Kosovac, Matija Drniković

Ema Giunio, Sven Mihaljević

Edited by:
Urša Vlahušić

Bojan Rokvić

Gordana Vnuk, Borna Baletić

Produced by:
Eurokaz, ADU

Festivals & Awards:

Pula Film Festival 2016; Liburnia Film Festival 2016; Split Film Festival 2016