Mothers and Daughters

You Have No Idea How Much I Love You

Pawel Lozinski
What does the word "love" really mean? During our lives, we often create bonds and ties with our close ones, which with time seem to us impossible to untangle.

Relationships with the people you love most are often the most complicated. This is the problem Hania and her mother Ewa face during their sessions with a psychotherapist, filmed intimately and with the utmost respect by director Paweł Łoziński. The camera always focuses on one person at a time, revealing every emotion hidden behind the words and silences. The empathetic therapist carefully but purposefully peels away the hard layers under which mother and daughter shield themselves. Little by little, the personal tragedies that hamper their communication rise to the surface, as well as the source of the longing for love and acknowledgement that they find so hard to fulfil. The documentary takes place within four walls and a tight framework, yet at the same time it makes a long and fascinating journey to the inner recesses of the human mind: sometimes dark, sometimes warm, always familiar.


Pawel Lozinski

Paweł Łoziński is a director, scriptwriter and producer of documentary and fiction films born in 1965 in Warsaw. He earned his degree from the Film Directing Department of Łódź Film School. His documentary films include Chemo (2009), Kitty, Kitty (2008), Between the Doors (2004), The Way It Is (1999), Sisters (1999), Birthplace (1992). Documentary film Father and Son was screened in the International Competition of 2014 ZagrebDox. For his films, he has won prestigious awards at festivals in Bornholm, Paris, Leipzig and Krakow.

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Nawet nie wiesz, jak bardzo cię kocham

2016, 80'

Directed by:
Pawel Lozinski

Screenplay by:
Paweł Łoziński

Kacper Lisowski

Edited by:
Dorota Wardeszkiewicz


Paweł Łoziński, Agnieszka Mankiewicz

Produced by:
Łoziński Production

Festivals & Awards:

Krakow Film Festival 2016 – Silver Hobby Horse for the Best Director of the Documentary Film; IDFA 2016; Festival dei Popoli 2016