Seven Extra Screenings on Sunday


Next to the winning titles of ZagrebDox, Sunday features extra screenings of select documentary titles from different programming sections to enjoy.

On Sunday, 5 March, theatre 1 of Kaptol Boutique Cinema, extra screenings of seven documentary titles from different ZagrebDox sections will take place. Regional Competition entries include Four Passports at 12am, joined by The Confidant in the Teen Dox official section and Unwanted Heritage (Controversial Dox) at 2pm. What Would Beethoven Do? (Musical Globe) is scheduled for 4pm, and additional Biography Dox screenings include Marina Abramovic and Brazil at 6pm and A German Life at 8pm. The evening closes at 10pm with another Musical Globe title, Mr Gaga.

Ticket price for screenings at 12am, 2pm and 4pm is 23 kuna (Four Passports, The Confidant/Unwanted Heritage, What Would Beethoven Do?) and at 6pm, 8pm and 10pm 28 kuna (Marina Abramovic and Brazil, A German Life, Mr Gaga).

Aside from extra screenings, Sunday will present the traditional line-up of ZagrebDox award-winning titles. The Best of Fest features six award-winning films, with a package price for all the six screenings in one theatre at 40 kuna.