Saturday at ZagrebDox


ZagrebDox Saturday – World Premiere of Solenzara, Award Ceremony and Many Documentaries.

The final two days of the festival will for many visitors be a unique chance to visit ZagrebDox and take their pick among many global and regional titles. The world premiere of Solenzara by Stephan V. Regoli and Pascal Regoli in the Musical Globe programme will take place and the best films of this year's festival edition will also be made known.

The film Solenzara will premiere at 5pm, theatre 3; it is a film about an international Corsican 1960s hit song. Among others, Goran Bregović used the Solenzara melody when he was composing In the Deathcar, performed by Iggy Pop, on the soundtrack of Arizona Dream by Emir Kusturica. In the film the authors document the history of the composition, as well as the story of nostalgia and love for Solenzara, which united cultures and artists from all over the world. A Q&A session with the authors will take place after the screening.

At 6pm, Regional Competition screens Four Passports by Mihajlo Jevtić, in which the author depicts the transformation of a country and a young man getting ready to leave, from his childhood to adulthood in parallel, from the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia to today's Serbia. The filmmaker will also introduce himself to the audience at a Q&A session.

At 7pm, theatre 2, the award ceremony of the 13th ZagrebDox will take place, and the same slot at theatre 3 screens Safari (Masters of Dox section), the latest work by Austrian director Ulrich Seidl, an explicit portrayal of hunting tourism in Africa. As antelopes, impalas, zebras, gnus and other animals peacefully graze in the African wilderness, German and Austrian tourist hunters – who pay their safari experience big money – drive around, lurk and prey on their catch and when they kill it, they pose with the carcass.

International Competition at 8pm, theatre 1, screens The Land of the Enlightened by the Belgian cinematographer and photographer Pieter-Jan De Pue, a docu-fictional debut in which, after the retreat of American troupes from Afghanistan, the author films prematurely grown-up boys who developed extreme possibilities of adaptation and resilience. After the screening, a Q&A with the filmmaker will take place.

The last screenings are scheduled for 10pm, and theatre 2 will show two titles from the Controversial Dox section – It's Getting Dark by Olga Kravets, following five Russian families and providing a thorough insight into the daily lives of people who were officially convicted of treason or drug possession, while in fact they just, at a certain point, expressed disapproval of the government's policies. It will be followed by Icon, by Polish director Wojciech Kasperski, an insight into the daily lives of patients in a Siberian mental institution.