Highlights from other programs


Official and special sections, two retrospectives, a series virtual reality screenings, ZagrebDoXXL platform and ZagrebDox Pro.

Aside from the official competiton, ZagrebDox includes a series of popular official sections: Biography Dox, Musical Globe, Happy Dox, Controversial Dox, Masters of Dox, State of Affairs, Teen Dox and ADU Dox. Other special sections are also interesting: Mothers and Daughters feature four films on the subject of the ever intriguing relationships between different generations of women in the same family, and the 65+ Series includes three films in a serial dedicated to daily lives of senior citizens: The Second Love, Artists Never Retire and Election, directed by Goran Dević and produced by Petnaesta umjetnost. The platform ZagrebDoXXL this year again features many roundtables, panels and expanded Q&A sessions and, as part of special events, the visitors will get a chance to enjoy a series virtual reality screenings in association with the Croatian Telecom and Samsung.

ZagrebDox also hosts two retrospectives – one is dedicated to the Austrian director Nikolaus Geyrhalter and the other to the Factum production company. One of the most significant Austrian directors will be introduced through four documentaries, including his early work Angeschwemmt (1994) and his most recent title, a homage to the destructive nature of mankind Homo sapiens (2016). The line-up 20 Years of Factum is presenting this independent Zagreb-based production company with a selection of the finest pieces, chosen by Veton Nurkolari, the director of Dokufest Prizren.

ZagrebDox Pro, a section of the festival dedicated to professionals, is again organising preparatory workshops for chosen creative documentary projects at different stages of development and production, a pitching forum presenting each project to the public, potential funders and distributers, and an International Collaboration Day, making it possible for documentary experts from all over the world, project teams and other film professionals to connect and network.