Friday at ZagrebDox


The central festival events on Friday will be two from the ZagrebDoXXL platform at 9pm.

The central festival events on Friday will be two from the ZagrebDoXXL platform at 9pm. Polish director Pawel Lozinski will take part at an expanded Q&A session after the screening of You Have No Idea How Much I Love You at theatre 3, joined by the renowned psychotherapist from Zagreb doctor Ljiljana Bastaić. At the same time, theatre 2 is hosting another ZagrebDoXXL event: after the screening of Homo Sapiens, Austrian director Nikolaus Geyrhalter will take part in a Q&A. Lozinski's participation in ZagrebDoXXL will round up the special Mothers and Daughters programme, and Geyrhalter's his retrospective.

The 7pm festival slot at theatre 2 is scheduled for the world premiere of the Slovenian-Croatian documentary Every Good Story Is a Love Story, directed by Rajko Grlić and Matjaž Ivanišin, a story about a love triangle, but also a very open tale of the personal and public life of three artists: writer and director Dušan Jovanović, actress Milena Zupančič and actor Radko Polič. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Matjaž Ivanišin.

The Controversial Dox section at 7pm, theatre 3, features two intriguing titles: the Dutch film Nature: All Rights Reserved by Sebastian Mulder, a documentary essay exploring the context, experiences and different forms of simulated nature, and My Own Private War by Lidija Zelović, an emotional documentary made by the producer and director who returns to her native Sarajevo after years spent in The Netherlands. A Q&A with the director follows after the screening.

The final festival screenings of International Competition films are also worth mentioning: The Eagle Huntress by Otto Bell is a story about 13-year-old Aisholpan, the only woman in Mongolia hunting with the help of golden eagles. It is scheduled for 8pm, theatre 1, and the screening of The War Show, whose co-director Andreas Dalsgaard we had a chance to meet on Tuesday, is scheduled for 3pm, theatre 3.

At 2pm, theatre 1 is screening for the last time at the festival the film about Goebbels's secretary, A German Life, in the Biography Dox section. At 4pm, theatre 4 is showing the Factum retrospective and the film Drinking Water and Freedom III, directed by Rajko Grlić in 1999, the third part of Grlić's banned 1973 film, and the award-winning documentary by Igor Bezinović Blockade, screened at ZagrebDox in 2012.