Docu-fiction Titles on This Year's ZagrebDox Must See List


Fans of documentary hybrids should not miss these three docu-fiction titles.

Probably best defined as 'art docu-thriller', the multi award-winning God Knows Where I Am by Todd and Jed Wider centres around a homeless woman whose body was found on a farm in New Hampshire. Based on her diary, the author gradually reconstructs the story of Linda, who survived almost four months on apples and rainwater only, waiting for God to save her during one of the coldest winters ever in the region.

Another in the series of remarkably interesting hybrids is the perfect combo of live action and documentary, The Land of the Enlightened. Debut director Pieter-Jan De Pue is painting an unusual and unforgettable portrait of Afghanistan through the footage made over a period of seven years. As American soldiers prepare to set out, we follow De Pue to the hidden corners of the country where little boys join in gangs to control trade routes, sell explosives from mines left after the war, play on rusty tanks and define new rules of warfare imposed by the cruel inherited landscape.

For the young audience (and all those who feel that way), we screen the film All These Sleepless Nights by Polish director Michał Marczak, the author of the controversial and groundbreaking docu-fiction Fuck for Forrest. In his latest film, Marczak challenges the boundaries of documentary genre in a story about two students on their road to adulthood – because it is never fully clear whether a certain event actually happened or it was staged before the camera. Among other honours, the film won the best director award at Sundance.