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ZagrebDox Pro 2016 – Deadline for Applications Extended!


Deadline for project applications is extended – new deadline is 7th December 2015!

ZagrebDox Pro is inviting documentary film directors, scriptwriters, cinematographers and producers to apply for ZAGREBDOX PRO 2016.

ZAGREBDOX PRO 2016 (22/2/2016 - 26/2/2016)

ZAGREBDOX PRO is a five-day program that includes a three day workshop and a pitching forum on the fourth day for twelve documentary projects in various phases of development/production and THE INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION DAY dedicated to networking on the fifth day. During the workshop, participants are going to have individual meetings with decision makers (TV editors, distributors, producers, representatives of film funds) and scriptwriting advisors. Leena Pasanen and Stefano Tealdi are the workshop facilitators and Pitching Forum moderators. Official workshop language is English.

The ZagrebDox Pro workshop aims at helping the participants successfully acquire the skills required for finding international partners for co-financing their films. The aim of the programme is for the selected projects to benefit from group and individual work with tutors Leena Pasanen and Stefano Tealdi and also from sessions open to the public during which knowledge and experiences are to be shared with high-end experts in documentary film-making and within the group. Directors and producers can take part at the workshop. In specific cases, they can be accompanied by a scriptwriter, cinematographer or editor. While teams of participants generally have two members, they can have up to three members.

Creative documentary projects in different stages of development and production are called to apply. Projects closer to completion and projects from Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia, dealing with the region thematically and/or those in search for a co-producer from one of these countries, have an advantage in the selection.

Only those team members that participate in the workshop can participate in the pitching forum.

ZagrebDox Pro strives to assist the participants with:

  • working individually on developing their projects with renowned documentary film experts
  • pitching the projects in front of a very mixed panel of commissioning editors, sales agents, distributors, film fund and festival representatives from Europe, US, etc., and meeting with them individually
  • getting a “second opinion” from the experts in the fields not directly connected but close to documentary filmmaking
  • learning through case studies of successful documentaries
  • networking with colleagues from different backgrounds
  • finding out about latest technological developments
  • promoting their projects during production and upon completion


The Workshop Application Form can be found here.

In addition to the information to be entered on the first page of the Application Form (including a link to the trailer with English subtitles), the second part of the Application Form should contain the following attachments*:

  • Up to 5 photos
  • Project study containing a short synopsis and description of characters (max. 1800 characters, Font: Arial 11)
  • Budget and production plan summary (specified in Euros, max. 1800 characters)
  • Director's biography (max. 900 characters)
  • Producer's references (max. 900 characters)

*All attachments must be in English language.

New deadline for entries for ZAGREBDOX PRO is 7 December 2015 (applications will be accepted until midnight).

Attending ZAGREBDOX PRO is completely free of charge.


The attendants who do not live in Croatia can apply for ZagrebDox Pro's scholarship that covers travel and accommodation expenses for the workshop. ZagrebDox Pro will provide up to six scholarships.



Along with project teams, up to six observers can attend the closed sessions of ZagrebDox. Several sessions open to the public will be organized as well.

Candidates for observers can apply at after the workshop selection has been announced. They must send an e-mail entitled I WANT TO BE AN OBSERVER. In the e-mail message, candidates must give their full name, e-mail address and phone number.

For all questions and additional information please contact us at

ZagrebDox Pro is co-financed by European Union's MEDIA Programme.