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Dénes Nagy
Screening time  
24.02. / Wednesday, 17:00 - 19:00 Theatre 3  
Harmers usually hide their scars from the outside world.

Harming means self-injuring. With a razor blade, a knife, a shard of glass. Harmers usually hide their scars from the outside world. What they do to themselves is not only kept secret from the world, but also from their close friends and relatives. Harm invites the audience into this world of mystery and encourages its understanding. It follows its emotionally captivating characters in the process of trying to overcome their psychological problems. They are ready to take a step forward in understanding themselves. They are ready to reveal their troubled past at the risk of discovering dangerous things along the way.


Dénes Nagy

Dénes Nagy graduated at the University of Theatre and Film Arts of Budapest in 2009. As a guest student he spent a year at the Berlin Film Academy. His short fiction Soft Rain was screened at Cannes Film Festival in 2013. His documentary Another Hungary – the Life of a Village – Fragments was awarded the Little Stamp for best young director at 2015 ZagrebDox festival.

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2015, 52'

Directed by:
Dénes Nagy

Screenplay by:
Dénes Nagy

Natasha Pavlovskaya

Edited by:
Bernadett Tuza-Ritter


Sára László, Marcell Gerő, Hanka Kastelicová, Anna Závorszky

Produced by:

Festivals & Awards:

Golden Eye Festival Budapest 2015 – Best Documentary Cinematographer Award, Sarajevo Film Festival 2015, Filmtettfeszt – Hungarian Film Days 2015, Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2015