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Taste of home

Martina Globočnik
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22.02. / Monday, 18:00 - 20:00 Theatre 2  
Is food the language we all speak and which could make us start accepting each other?

In the past 20 years, thousands of migrants have lost their lives en route to Europe. Some, however, are now in Croatia. How much do we understand them? How much do they understand us? Is food the language we all speak and which could make us start accepting each other? Until 2014 a bit less than 5000 foreigners from all parts of the world requested asylum in Croatia. Only 131 requests have been granted so far. The documentary Taste of Home speaks about these people and their experiences through the stories of three protagonists: Emina, who turned her charity into a cooking project; asylum seeker and chef Reda, awaiting the decision of his fate at Porin hotel; and 22-year-old Sandra, who fled Syria to find her place in the sun.


Martina Globočnik

Martina Globočnik was born in Zagreb in 1977. In 1995, after obtaining her degree in Social Work, she started working as scriptwriter and journalist in children and youth program of Croatian National Television. Since 2002, she has worked in Fade In reports, 'Direkt' series, documentary and promo films like researcher, journalist, scriptwriter and film director. In 2003, she directed her first documentary film, 'Women's Business'. In 2007, she co-directed documentary film about the history of civil society in Croatia, 'Devils Red, Yellow, Green'. Since 2008, she has been working on commercial projects of Nova TV as editor and scriptwriter. Together with Vlatka Vorkapić, she worked on documentary film 'Gabriel' as researcher, scriptwriter and assistant director.

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Okus doma

2015, 50' 36''

Directed by:
Martina Globočnik

Screenplay by:
Martina Globočnik

Iva Kraljević, Bojan Mrđenović, Morana Komljenović, Dražen Žerjav

Edited by:
Marija Prusina

Morana Komljenović, Emina Bužinkić

Produced by:
Fade In u suradnji s Centrom za mirovne studije