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Camilla Nielsson
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27.02. / Saturday, 22:00 - 00:00 Theatre 5  
Following one of Africa's bloodiest elections brought with it a call for a new constitution.

Following one of Africa's bloodiest elections, the foundation of a coalition government in 2008 – to date a purely symbolic gesture by autocrat Robert Mugabe to the opposition party MDC – brought with it a call for a new constitution, one that is supported by the entire population of Zimbabwe. Top politicians spearheading the process, Paul Mangwana of Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party and MDC representative Douglas Mwonzora, traveled together throughout the country to ask Zimbabweans in special meetings about their opinions on matters such as the organization of the judicial system and the president’s authority. It quickly becomes clear that ZANU-PF is not above influencing the opinions of participants at the meetings. Overcoming their initial suspicion, a kind of understanding grows between the two men – particularly when it appears that Mangwana is also the target of intimidation by ZANU-PF supporters. In addition, his own party accuses him of fraternizing with the enemy – which in Zimbabwe is practically a death sentence. It also becomes apparent that Mwonzora is in no way protected from Mugabe’s machinations. 


Camilla Nielsson

Camilla Nielsson is born 1970, Denmark. Got her MA in visual anthropology and Certificate in Culture and Media from New York University (NYU). Her film ‘The Children of Darfur’ (2006) won many international awards.

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2014, 100'

Directed by:
Camilla Nielsson

Henrik Bohn Ipsen

Edited by:
Jeppe Bødskov

Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen

Henrik Veileborg

Produced by:
Upfront Films ApS, ITVS

Festivals & Awards:

New York Tribeca Film Festival 2015 – Best Documentary Award, Docville 2015 – Jury Prize for Best ConScience Film, One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2015 – Best Director, Tel Aviv Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival 2015 – Freedom Award, Grand Prix International Documentary, Dokufest Prizren 2015 – Human Rights Award