Chasing a Dream

Mladen Mitrović
Screening time  
27.02. / Saturday, 21:00 - 23:00 Theatre 1  
A series of events sets into motion by a song, one only just completed, and an invitation to a graduation anniversary.

The director of Chasing a Dream and his music composer were brought together by the Tokyo tsunami after a long time. Following many years of self-imposed isolation the director returns to the art of filmmaking prompted by a series of events set into motion by a song, one only just completed, and an invitation to a graduation anniversary in his home town. Wanting to start afresh after a twenty-year break, he decides to track down the then ten-year-old actors from his first film that had been driven out of Sarajevo by the winds of war. The director embarks on a journey across the world hoping that, by finding them, he will also find the lost fragments of his own past. Then suddenly, by a twist of fate, their lives once again intertwine taking the journey in an opposite direction and bringing about a collective catharsis.


Mladen Mitrović

Mladen Mitrović was born on a movie set in 1960 in Sarajevo. He graduated Film and TV Directing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. During his studies he directed films that gained the highest European and world recognition. After graduating, he made two TV films and a large number of authorial TV shows. His first feature film Hamburg Altona brought him his first professional awards. At this point, however, the war broke out in Yugoslavia, bringing about a period of isolation which lasted for many years. During this time he made commercials, corporate films and music videos. Chasing a Dream is his first film following a 20-year break.

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U Potrazi za snom

Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2015, 145'

Directed by:
Mladen Mitrović

Screenplay by:
Mladen Mitrović

Zoran Petrović, Mladen Mitrović, Udai Shandal

Edited by:
Davor Bosankić

Jadranka Stojaković, Milan Đurđević

Mladen Mitrović, Nenad Puhovski

Produced by:
Fabrika snova, Factum, Balkan Art Centar

Festivals & Awards:

Sarajevo Film Festival 2015 – Audience Award for Best Documentary