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Igor Bogdanović
Screening time  
22.02. / Monday, 15:00 - 17:00 Theatre 3  
24.02. / Wednesday, 13:00 - 15:00 Theatre 3  
27.02. / Saturday, 17:00 - 19:00 Theatre 1  
Love knows no limits.

Complex relationships between three people get an extra punch in the process of welcoming baby girl Lila to this world. Mirta is forced to drop her natural birthing plan, Alen is expecting his daughter with some unease, and Davor is adapting to his new relationship with Mirta. The moment when it becomes apparent that Lila will not be born on time, the atmosphere gets dramatic. Lila comes as a change-bearing herald of change.


Igor Bogdanović

Igor Bogdanović graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Department of Aeronautics. Although he was never professionally present on the aviation scene, he has actively flown across the world and tried to make a record of the stories from exotic lands. He works as a cinematographer, editor, musician and VJ. Occasionally he takes part in theatre productions and is also a member of Vibrica creative organisation. Lila is his first documentary.

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2015, 52' 52''

Directed by:
Igor Bogdanović

Screenplay by:
Igor Bogdanović

Igor Bogdanović

Edited by:
Iva Kraljević i Igor Bogdanocić

Dejan Perčić, Marko Šturman, Igor Bogdanović

Morana Komljenović

Produced by:
Fade In

Festivals & Awards:

Liburnia Film Festival 2015