Following last year’s first edition of the ZagrebDox participatory documentary platform – ZagrebDoXXL continues the broadened communication between the audience and the authors of documentary films dealing with current topics.

Wednesday, 24/2, 19:00
Theatre 1
Meet Nino Kirtadzé
Something about Georgia

ZagrebDoXXL platform will bring the audience closer to the work of documentary filmmakers to whom we have dedicated this year’s retrospectives and Author’s Night. Nino Kirtadzé, the Georgian-French actress and director, winner of the European Film Award known for her warm, subtle portraits of people immersed in the absurdities of Georgian and Russian daily life, will introduce herself to the audience in a conversation following the screening of her film Something About Georgia.

Thursday, 25/2, 21:00
Theatre 3
Meet Erik Gandini
The Swedish Theory of Love

Erik Gandini, the prominent Italian-Swedish author, winner of the prestigious IDFA Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary, often called the Swedish iconoclast due to his uncompromising and critical approach to generally accepted social phenomena, is known to the Zagreb audience for his most successful film – Videocracy. After the screening of his film The Swedish Theory of Love, ZagrebDoXXL will host the author for a discussion on the Nordic social model, considered by many to be the ideal form of social organization, the pinnacle of the history of civilization and an excellent example to all other countries. We must warn, however, that the discussion might lead to a completely different conclusion.

Friday, 26/2, 19:00
Theatre 1
Author’s Night – Bruno Gamulin

Although Bruno Gamulin is probably not regarded as a documentary filmmaker by the wider film audience, the selection of his early documentary films shown at Author’s Night is bound to bring the audience closer to that particular aspect of his work. The discussion will be moderated by the program selector Diana Nenadić.

Friday, 26/2, 18:00
Theatre 4
Bikes vs Cars

Frederik Gertten, author of the diverting yet serious activist film Bikes vs Cars which promotes cycling as a healthy and sustainable alternative for the future, will be yet another filmmaker to present himself to the audience. The biggest opponent to this green movement is the toxic and powerful car industry.

Thursday, 25/2, 17:00
Theatre 1
Children Changing the World

The special program Children Changing the World engages the current and controversial subject matter of Syrian refugees that have fled to Jordan as well as those that have reached Austria via the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The screening of films created within film workshops in various refugee camps will be followed by a panel discussion attended by: Sepp Brudermann – refugee workshop leader, Ranko Ostojić – Croatia’s former Minister of the Interior, and Luka Juranić – founder of the organization Are You Syrious? The panel will be headed by Milena Zajović.