Additional Events

Presentation of the book 'Who's Watching Who' by Martina Globočnik

Monday, 22/2, 20:30 Festival Centre

Speakers will be author Martina Globočnik, preface author Diana Nenadić and editor Morana Komljenović

To Martina Globočnik, media activism is not just an act of resistance and an attempt of influencing on public opinion with the aim of change; it is also a chance for the authors’ personal transformation. In the central part of the book she shares practical experience from different productions, underlining the widely known rules from film theory applied in documentary practice. Although inevitably coloured by biased points of view and experiences, chapters on the bases of dramaturgy, director’s concept, composing shots or editing are consciously organised as a short guide to documentary production both for reckless beginners and for more experienced filmmakers who yet have to master all the traps of documentary filmmaking and challenges of reality. Both now have a rare and useful Croatian handbook of documentary practice, if there ever were any after the period of great documentary theorists Branko Belan and Rudolf Sremac.  

From the preface by Diana Nenadić