12th ZagrebDox Screening Schedule Is Out!


Check out the screening schedule on our website and explore all of this year’s programmes with screening slots and tickets, and plan your ZagrebDox time ahead.


Focusing on the Refugee Crisis


One of the most burning current affairs in 2015 is the topic of this year’s ZagrebDox line-up in several ways: from an asylum seeker gourmet project, to growing up on a giant river barge, to screenings of films made in refugee camps in Jordan and Syria.


Factumentaries – Three World and One Croatian Premiere at ZagrebDox


The Factumentaries selection features Pero Kvesić’s debut as director, new films by Katarina-Zrinka Matijević and Nenad Puhovski, and the Croatian premiere of the Sarajevo Audience Award 'Chasing a Dream'.


Controversial Dox – from Green Banking and Alpine Nudism to Jihadism and Religious Kitsch


This year’s Controversial Dox category features nine intriguing titles focusing on some of the greatest controversies of today, from green banking and recruiting jihadists, to homeless children and paedophilia. One of the films portrays a local controversy – the war story of a Croatian soldier whose moral act of saving cultural goods turned into many years of punishment.


Many Interesting Topics and Masterclasses in ZagrebDox Pro


Masterclasses by distinguished directors, workshops for creative documentary projects at different stages of development, a pitching forum, 4K technology presentation, discussions and one-on-one meetings are only a few of this year’s ZagrebDox Pro interesting events.


Football Time!


The most important unimportant thing in the world found its way to ZagrebDox’s line-up! Arsen Oremović’s documentary 'Third Best' will have its world premiere in regional competition, along with Anthony Wonke’s 'Ronaldo' in Biography Dox.


All happy families are alike…


… each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Family matters are an endless source of inspiration, especially when it comes to one’s own family. This goes for at least ten films from the 12th ZagrebDox programme which focused precisely on this – one’s own familes.


Biographies of Malala, Cobain and Ronaldo in Biography Dox


Biography Dox entries will introduce you to the icons of popular culture – Kurt Cobain and Marlon Brando, football celebrity Ronaldo, but also Allende – the iconic socialist president of Chile, whose legacy is questioned by his granddaughter decades after his execution in 1973.


ZagrebDox Introduces: Extremists


Several films from the 12th ZagrebDox line-up portray today’s extremisms, especially those motivated by religion: anti-Semitism and Orthodox faith in Russia, as well as Islamism in the West.


Three Berlinale Entries in ZagrebDox’s Programme


These are: 'Above and Below' in international competition, 'The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble in Musical Globe' and the best children’s documentary at IDFA, 'Ninnoc' in Teen Dox.