Drug Addict Moms


Two films in the official ZagrebDox programme focus on their protagonists’ fight against addiction. These socially marginalised heroines rise above their weaknesses and out of love for their near and dear ones experience personal transformation, told in an honest and liberating way.


Dox Wednesday: Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Vitaly Mansky and Nino Kirtadzé Visit ZagrebDox


On Wednesday at 6pm, theatre 4, ZagrebDox is presenting the biographic documentary on Janis Joplin, Janis: Little Girl Blue by Amy Berg, and after that, also at theatre 4, at 10pm, a lovely Happy Dox Being George Clooney by Paul Marian, about humorous world of dubbing films.


Join us for a masterclass by Yann Arthus-Bertrand


The famous French photographer and aerial shot expert, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, is having a masterclass today at ZagrebDox Pro on the subject of his unique approach to documentary filmmaking, on the example of his spectacular portrayal of mankind – the film Human.


… That Too Is America


This land of exceptional contrasts, social and class divides and possibilities has always inspired the rest of the world. It seems we all know it, if not from personal experience, then from the ever-present pop-culture. Films from our line-up shows its other side.


Tuesday at ZagrebDox: Football, Island Cinemas, Bach and American Nightmares


Tuesday brings two premieres by Croatian documentaries - Tonight by Zdravko Mustać and Third Best by Arsen Oremović. Islands of Forgotten Cinemas by Ivan Ramljak takes us across the melancholy history of island cinemas, Happy Dox portrays family relations and State of Affairs depicts the mechanisms of class differences.


Monday at ZagrebDox: Five Premieres of Croatian Authors!


Today at ZagrebDox we are looking forward to no less than five premieres of Croatian filmmakers, but also winners of Sundance – The Wolfpack and Sonita. Another scheduled title is the acclaimed biopic on Kurt Cobain, and ZagrebDox Pro is hosting a masterclass by John Appel.


12th ZagrebDox Opens!


In a particularly cheerful mood, ZagrebDox opened the doors of four Cineplexx theatres at Kaptol Centre to all the lovers of documentary film and those who yet have to become ones. By next Sunday, 28 February, the festival will screen over 160 films in 17 programmes.


12th ZagrebDox Opens with the British Film The Closer We Get!


A documentary about an ordinary family with extraordinary secrets, directed by Karen Guthrie, on Sunday, 21 February, opens the 12th edition of ZagrebDox, this year again featuring many burning and timeless issues in more than 160 films – from famous titles to numerous world premieres.


Step into Virtual Reality of Documentary Film


Among all other events of 12th ZagrebDox, audience will have a chance enjoy the latest multimedia technologies through VR screenings and spherical film watching experience with a 360 degree angle which makes film-watching even more incredible and attractive.


Sixteen Croatian Documentaries Premiere at ZagrebDox!


Ten films premiere in regional competition, five in ZagrebDox’s official programmes (State of Affairs, Teen Dox, Factumentaries), and one in special events. A total of 43 Croatian documentaries will be presented.