Official Award Ceremony on Saturday


In addition to the 12th ZagrebDox award ceremony, there will be several Q&A sessions with regional competition filmmakers, films about Malala and marlon Brando, two titles by masters of dox and an odd surprise

There will be no shortage of Q&A sessions, as well. The Q&A sessions will take place after the regional competition entries Tyndall with Fatima Bianchi (theatre 1, 5pm), Adnan Smajić, the director of My Name Is Adnan and I Will Not Bomb You, and Jasmila Žbanić, the director of One Day in Sarajevo, at 6pm, theatre 5.

The last day of the festival features the Happy Dox Unbranded by Philip Baribeau, about four friends on an epic horseback journey along the pristine American West (theatre 3, 7pm), a Factumentary Chasing a Dream by Mladen Mitrović, the winner of the audience award for best documentary film at Sarajevo Film Festival (theatre 1, 9pm); and the Biography Dox He Named Me Malala by Davis Guggenheim, a portrait of the Nobel Peace prize winner Malala Yousafzai (theatre 2, 5pm).

We are also watching two masters of dox entries: a film about young Russian ballerinas Varicella by Victor Kossakovsky, and Gates of the Lamb by Audrius Stonys about the mysterious miracle of baptism, both in the same block at 8pm, theatre 2. The iconic Marlon Brando will be presented in the biopic Listen to Me Marlon by Stevan Riley, at 8pm, theatre 4. Also, we will find out about the response of the Russian young gay population on the law against ‘promoting homosexuality’ in the film Children 404 by Pavel Loparev and Askold Kurov, theatre 3, 3pm. Another film on today’s line-up is Democrats by Camille Nielsson, about the political events following the bloodiest elections in Africa (10pm, theatre 5).

Some of Erik Gandini’s retrospective is scheduled for Saturday, as well. At 3pm, theatre 1 is showing his film Surplus: Terrorized into Being Consumers (2003) and Sacrificio – Who Betrayed Che Guevara? (2001).

Those who missed it will have another chance to see the Oscar nominee in the documentary category, Cartel Land (theatre 4, 10pm), only a night before the Oscar ceremony. Another title is this year’s Sundance winner Sonita, at 5pm, theatre 3, followed by A Strange Love Affair with Ego (7pm, theatre 1), The Closer We Get (6pm, theatre 4), Tell Spring not to Come This Year (8pm, theatre 5), My Enemy, My Brother (9.30pm, theatre 2) and Lila (regional competition, theatre 1, 5pm).