Landfill Harmonic Strikes back with Music!


A film about a children’s orchestra in the middle of a large landfill which uses waste to create musical instruments to be screened in the Teen Dox section.

In the poorest part of Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, 40 thousand people live on a giant landfill, making a living by selling waste. In these terrible conditions, a musical enthusiast by the name of Favio Chávez founds an orchestra for children to learn how to make music out of instruments made of different kinds of waste surrounding them. The self-taught instrument maker Coli uses oil cans, refuse, wood and corks to make functioning instruments, and the orchestra and recycled instruments travel the world under the slogan: “World sends us garbage; we send back music.”

This inspiring documentary by Brad Allgood and Graham Townsley will be screened at the upcoming ZagrebDox in the Teen Dox programme.

Check out the TRAILER.