HT Audience Award Goes to Twilight of a Life


The 12th ZagrebDox audience has spoken – the best film winning the HT Audience Award is Twilight of a Life by Sylvain Biegeleisen.


12th ZagrebDox Winners Announced


Big Stamp for best film in the International Competition went to "The Poet on a Business Trip" by Ju Anqui, while the Big Stamp in the Regional Competition was given to Đuro Gavran for his film "4.7".


In Case You Missed It – Check It out on Sunday at Theatre 1


Don’t miss the films Human, Swedish Theory of Love and Under the Sun at additional screenings on Sunday.


On Sunday, Another Theatre Opens for Best of Fest


Aside from theatres 3, 4 and 5, on Sunday, 28 February, the award-winning films at the 12th ZagrebDox will screen at Cineplexx Kaptol Centre’s theatre 2.


Official Award Ceremony on Saturday


In addition to the 12th ZagrebDox award ceremony, there will be several Q&A sessions with regional competition filmmakers, films about Malala and marlon Brando, two titles by masters of dox and an odd surprise


ZagrebDox Pro Award for Best Projects Presented


Following a working week spent at ZagrebDox Pro and yesterday’s pitching forum, the participants were presented with awards on Friday. Out of a total of 12 selected international documentary projects, four of them garnered five awards.


Hopes and Dreams of Post-Communist Countries


Two films on today’s schedule in regional competition focus on the transitional reality of post-communist countries in a witty and humorous way. What is it like in Bulgaria? What is it like in Hungary? Check out in And the Party Goes On and On and A Train to Adulthood.


Friday: To Doc or Not to Doc?


A caravan of bikes in the city centre announces the film Bikes Vs. Cars. Meeting the man who directed a documentary on the controversies in the famous Russian ballet company. A discussion on the future of creative documentary.


Children Changing the World: Screenings and Panel Discussion


The special programme called Children Changing the World is today screening the films made at workshops in refugee camps in Jordan and Austria. The children’s first encounter with a camera resulted in a series of videos reflecting nostalgia and trauma, as well as hope for a better future.


Dox Thursday: Meet Erik Gandini!


A screening of The Swedish Theory of Love and a masterclass by Erik Gandini, the central ZagrebDox Pro event – the pitching forum, the special programme Children Changing the World, and two Factumentaries premieres.