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The Unforgiven

Lars Feldballe-Petersen
"The Unforgiven" is a story about a war criminal and his journey back to life. Can he be forgiven? Should he be?

'The Unforgiven' at DOK Leipzig Co-production Workshop


The film project that won the HBO Adria Award at ZagrebDox Pro 2015 among 35 documentary projects from all over the world is in search of co-producers and financiers.

The documentary film project The Unforgiven, directed by Lars Feldballe-Petersen was selected for the Co-Production Meeting workshop, taking place as part of the 58th edition of DOK Leipzig festival.

The workshop, scheduled for 26 and 27 October 2015, features a total of 35 projects.

The Unforgiven is a story of a war criminal and his return to life, produced by the Finnish Kinocompany.

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The Unforgiven


Directed by:
Lars Feldballe-Petersen

Ari Matikainen

Produced by:
Kinocompany Ltd

Start of production:

Estimated date of finalisation:

Anticipated length:


Kinocompany Ltd.
Työpajankatu 2A R 1D
00580 Helsinki, Finland
M. +358 50 5512 235

Festivals & Awards:

ZagrebDox Pro 2015 - HBO Adria Award; Co-Production Meeting, DOK Leipzig 2015; CPH:DOX 2017, Sarajevo Film Festival 2017