About ZagrebDox Pro

ZagrebDox Pro is a short-term training programme consisting of a preparatory workshop for creative documentary projects in different stages and a pitching forum and individual meetings. The programme has a several sessions open to the general public as well. Projects from Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia, dealing with the region thematically and/or those in search for a co-producer from one of these countries, have an advantage in the selection. Their international potential is a key factor. 

The workshop is tailored for professional director/producer teams. In some cases, teams can also be joined by the screenwriter, cinematographer or editor, but a director and/or a producer must be present. Only participants who have attended the workshop are allowed to take part in the pitching forum and one-to-one meetings.

The main objective of ZagrebDox Pro is to bring equal attention to the creative and business aspects of documentary film-making in Europe today. A substantial objective is also facilitating international exchange within Europe and between European subjects and those from other continents. ZagrebDox Pro training programme has, since its initiation in 2005, been supported financially by Croatian Audiovisual Centre and The City of Zagreb (Municipal Department for Education, Culture and Sport).

For the last two editions it has also been funded by the EACEA Media Programme, and is now supported by Creative Europe - MEDIA sub programme. ZagrebDox Pro also collaborates with partners, sponsors and donators which assist the implementation of the programme. ZagrebDox Pro maintaines a no-fee policy.