Wishing to provide its audience more than just watching film and traditional Q&A’s with authors, this year’s ZagrebDox introduces a participative documentary platform ZagrebDoXXL to explore different themes and authors more comprehensively. The newly established platform will acquaint us with the work of two filmmakers: the acclaimed contemporary documentarian Kim Longinotto and the successful Croatian filmmaker Vinko Brešan. ZagrebDoXXL is also raising two important and burning socio-political question to launch communication via film screenings and organised discussions with relevant interlocutors.

Meet Kim Longinoto

Tuesday, 24.2.2015., theatre 4 19:00-24:00

Love is All: 100 Years of Love and Courtship

The ZagrebDox audience is well informed of British filmmaker Kim Longinotto’s work, since the festival has regularly screened her miraculous portrayals and compassionately processed topics. With great pleasure we host her at this year’s festival and screen two of her new films: Dreamcatcher – the best director winner at Sundance, and a tribute to 100 years of on-screen love – Love Is All: 100 Years of Love and Courtship. We will have a chance to talk to her and in her masterclass we will get to know her way of work.

Does war ever end?

Wendesday, 25.2.2015., theatre 4, 19:00-22:00
Of Men and War

After the screenings in Cannes and the main award at IDFA Amsterdam, ZagrebDox presents Of Men and War by Laurent Bécue-Renard about war veterans and their attempts to reintegrate into normal life, years of therapy and attempts to come to terms with themselves, their past and their families. War traumas, pride, fear, guilt, remorse will be discussed by relevant and expert speakers.

Is Udba our destiny?

Thursday, 26.2.2015., theatre 5, 19:00-22:00
Tito's Murder Squads

The authors of the controversial documentary film Tito’s Murder Squads, Philipp Grüll and Frank Hofmann will attempt to give an answer – after the screening they will host different speakers to talk about unsolved murders of around 30 opponents of the Yugoslav regime in Germany.

Author's Night - Vinko Brešan

Friday, 27.2.2015., theatre 1, 19:00-22:00
Our Stock Exchange
Radio 101's independence day
The Corridor

Even though Vinko Brešan, this year’s international jury member, is better known for his fiction work, ZagrebDox decided to introduce the audience to his documentary pieces, namely two short (The Corridor and Our Stock Exchange) and one feature film (Radio 101’s Independence Day). Vinko Brešan will attend all the screenings and have a chat with the audience about his work, methods and film recipes.