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Who the Fuck Is Jett Rebel

Linda Hakeboom
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25.02. / Wednesday, 17:00 - 19:00 Theatre 1  
To be able to cope with the pressure of fame, Dutch musician Jelte Tuinstra (23) creates a daring alter ego but finds himself even more isolated and insecure.

Dutch musician Jelte Tuinstra (23) is widely seen as the biggest rock star promise Netherland have seen in decades. He dreams of living a life of rock 'n' roll and more so: fame. There is only one problem: Tuinstra himself is way too shy to hit the spotlight. Therefore he creates a daring alter ego he calls Jett Rebel. Shortly after that Tuinstra gets confronted with the downside of his decision: while his alter ego Jett Rebel is gaining fame very fast, Tuinstra himself is getting isolated and more and more insecure.


Linda Hakeboom

Linda Hakeboom (29) is a Dutch TV-host and movie director. All three documentaries she directed so far were selected for the IDFA festival in Amsterdam. She directed Whatever Forever: Douwe Bob and The Happy Sad Route in 2013 and Who the Fuck is Jett Rebel in 2014.

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Who the Fuck Is Jett Rebel

2014, 57', DCP

Directed by:
Linda Hakeboom

Screenplay by:
Linda Hakeboom

Linda Hakeboom

Edited by:
Tim Roza, Linda Hakeboom

Jelte Tuinstra

Linda Hakeboom

Produced by:
Linda Hakeboom

Festivals & Awards:

IDFA 2014