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This Is My Land

Tamara Erde
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24.02. / Tuesday, 18:00 - 20:00 Theatre 3  
How do the Palestinian and Israeli (Arab and Jewish) education systems teach the history of their nations?

In This Is My Land, the classroom is a microcosm of society’s contrasting, often uneasy reiterations of history. Director Erde examines the roots of the conflict through six independently-run schools that adhere to the national curriculum. Part of a growing number of Israeli filmmakers who are turning their attention to the country’s core institutions, she arrests attention through the gripping portraits of several educators and personal interviews with students. The documentary raises important questions about the partial and selective nature of history, the weight transferred onto the classroom’s youth, and its effects on a nation’s future. With This Is My Land, Erde casts a cinematic light on an issue that is both tremendously difficult and fascinating.


Tamara Erde

Tamara Erde was born in Tel Aviv in 1982 and now lives and works in Paris. She studied at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem and Le Fresnoy Film School in France. Her work often deals with issues surrounding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Her first feature film This Is My Land was screened at 2015 ZagrebDox. Teaching Ignorance is her latest documentary film.

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This Is My Land

2014, 93', DCP

Directed by:
Tamara Erde

Screenplay by:
Tamara Erde

Tamara Erde

Edited by:
Audrey Maurion, Barbara Bascou

Siegfried Canto

Bouchain Tatiana

Produced by:

Festivals & Awards:

Toronto International Film Festival 2014; Hamptons International Film Festival 2014; Philadelphia International Film Festival 2014; Haïfa International Film Festival 2014; Windsor International Film Festival 2014; Cinemed Montpellier 2014