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Mother is God

Maria Bäck
Screening time  
26.02. / Thursday, 16:00 - 18:00 Theatre 5  
Do you want to learn how to marry the wind? How flowers talk? Come listen to me and my mum in this different, light and humoristic portrait of mental illness and love.

Mother is God is a fragmented and personal film on different visions of reality. The film is creatively built on conversations between the director and God (director's psychotic mum), whose face we never see in the film. They talk about mother's worlds; we encounter her flower language, we meet the devil’s birds and we learn how to marry the wind. The film turns into a declaration of love – to the crooked mind as well as to director's mother.


Maria Bäck

Maria Bäck graduated from The National Film School of Denmark in 2013. With a background in poetry writing, dance and photography, she has made several artistic documentaries, as well as programs for Danish Television. Her graduation film is Mother is God. She is currently working on her first feature film together with producer Anna-Maria Kantarius, Garagefilm International in Stockholm.

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Mamma är Gud

2013, 30', DCP

Directed by:
Maria Bäck

Screenplay by:
Maria Bäck

Maria von Hausswolff

Edited by:
Julius Krebs Damsbo

Jacob Kirkegaard

Julie Rix

Produced by:
The National Film School of Denmark

Festivals & Awards:

It's All True Film Festival Brazil 2014 – Best International Short Film; 
Nordisk Film & TV Fund Copenhagen 2013 – Best Nordic Talent; Göteborg International Film Festival 2013; Minsk International Film Festival Listapad 2013; Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2013; Sichuan International TV Festival 2013; Rendezvous with Madness International Film Festival 2013; Go Short International Short Film Festival 2013; Cairo International Women's Film Festival 2013; Northern Ireland Mental Health Arts & Film Festival 2013