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Long.Black.Cloud Is Coming Down

Alexandra Likhacheva
Screening time  
26.02. / Thursday, 16:00 - 18:00 Theatre 5  
Two young residents of Moscow, recently graduated, hire a car, buy tickets and drive...

Their parents built communism, their grandfathers overcame fascism, but for them there is nothing to built and to struggle for. Two young residents of Moscow, recently graduated, spend time on the internet and do not clearly understand what they are living for, don’t understand their country and don’t see a perspective in the future. Television has plagued them with Big Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and they hire a car, buy tickets and drive throughout the country to see competitions, Black sea and Russian countryside.


Alexandra Likhacheva

Alexandra Likhacheva is a painter and film director. She graduated from Aleksei Uchitel’s Faculty in VGIK in 2011. Her graduation film Katya Krenalinova is short mockumentary screened and awarded at many international festivals including IDFA, Message to Man Film Festival, VGIK International Student Festival and DocumentaMadrid.

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Длинное.Черное.Облако опускается.

2014, 58', HD

Directed by:
Alexandra Likhacheva

Screenplay by:
Alexandra Likhacheva

Artem Zamashnoy

Edited by:
Alexandra Likhacheva

Liliya Danieva

Ivan Tverdovskiy

Produced by:
Tochka zreniya

Festivals & Awards:

Russian Open Documentary Film Festival Artdocfest; National Russian Award Laurel Branch – nomination