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Ida's Diary

August Baugstø Hanssen
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23.02. / Monday, 18:00 - 20:00 Theatre 2  
Ida’s Diary is a film about hope, about finding your own identity and daring to live.

Ida Storm is a young Norwegian woman whose life is a series of great highs and deep lows caused by borderline personality disorder. Acts of self-harming from a period she has now left behind have left their marks on her body. Years ago, she started to record her own life using a simple HD camera or smart phone, and the result is a highly detailed and unflinchingly honest document. Through excerpts from this video diary, this film follows her up to the age of 26. Ida films in the mornings when her thoughts are as black as the nights at her favorite spot near the ocean, in the evenings at parties waiting stoically for the drugs to kick in, and in the afternoons when she thinks she can do anything and life is smiling at her. And then there are the mornings when she wakes up in the hospital, not sure what has happened to her. On camera, in front of the mirror or in the car, she reflects on her condition, on the expectations of those around her, on her youth – which she illustrates with home movies – and on today and the future. Increasingly, she succeeds in conquering her misery and breaking its shackles to reach a peak from which the world looks bearable once more.


August Baugstø Hanssen

August Baugstø Hanssen made his directorial debut with the co-direction of the feature documentary Pushwagner (2011). Before this he collaborated with Even G. Benestad on the development on both his previous feature documentaries; the multi-award-winning All About My Father (2002) and Natural Born Star (2007).

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Finland, Great Britain, Norway
2014, 64', DCP

Directed by:
August Baugstø Hanssen

Screenplay by:
August B. Hanssen

Ida Storm, Lars E. Øymo

Edited by:
Erik Andersson


Carsten Aanonsen, Sami Jahnukainen, Kat Mansoor, Gary Cranner, Kristian Mosvold

Produced by:
Indie Film AS, Mouka Filmi, Telling Productions, Chezville, Substans Film

Festivals & Awards:

2014 IDFA