Happy Dox

Two Raging Grannies

Håvard Bustnes
Screening time  
23.02. / Monday, 18:00 - 20:00 Theatre 3  
Touching and thought-provoking documentary that challenges the idea that we must continue to shop, consume, amass, and keep the economy growing..

A combination of curiosity and frustration with the status quo drives Shirley and Hinda, two gutsy, nearly 90-year-old American women, to seek answers to the burning question on everyone’s mind: How do we get out of this economic mess? Armed with courage, humour, a long friendship and a zest for life, Shirley and Hinda take to cities and towns across the US to engage everyone from the recently homeless to economy students, to growth economists and Wall Street tycoons, questioning the sustainability of continued economic growth, and demonstrating that it is never – ever – too late to get out and make a difference.


Håvard Bustnes

Håvard Bustnes is a multi award winning director and producer. He holds a degree in Directing for Television from the College of Film and TV at Lillehammer, Norway. His two latest documentaries Health Factory and Big John (Norwegian Amanda Award, Best Nordic Documentary Prize) have traveled around the world on cinema, TV and in the festival circuit.

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Opprørske Oldemødre

Denmark, Italy, Norway
2013, 78', DCP

Directed by:
Håvard Bustnes

Screenplay by:
Håvard Bustnes, Lars K. Andersen

Viggo Knudsen

Edited by:
Anders Teigen

Ola Kvernberg

Christian Falch, Håvard Bustnes

Produced by:
Faction Film

Festivals & Awards:

Norwegian Short Film Festival 2014 – Honorable Mention; Green Film Festival in Seoul 2014 – Best Feature Film; Göteborg International Film Festival 2014; Dokfilm Norwegian Documentary Festival 2014; Documenta14 Madrid 2014; Barents Ecology Film Festival 2014; International Documentary Film Festival Docville 2014; Seattle International Film Festival 2014; Kraków Film Festival 2014; Traverse City Film Festival 2014; Baltic Sea Docs 2014; Espoo Ciné International Film Festival 2014; DocsDF – Mexico International Documentary Film Festival 2014; CNEX Doc Festival Taiwan 2014