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The Final Stretch

Oscar Pérez
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23.02. / Monday, 20:00 - 22:00 Theatre 5  
Life inside a community paralysed by the recession and immersed in its own Grande Bouffe, in a place where the land is gradually disappearing, swallowed up by the sea.

It’s summertime in Deltebre, a village on the Ebro River Valley in Spain. At this time of year, the flow of the river is so weak near the sea that the river delta is gradually silting up. Meanwhile, village life temporarily switches from static to frenetic as the annual festival approaches. Rural workers build the enclosure around the festival grounds where families, neighbors and friends assemble to celebrate for several days, with food and drinks in abundance. Over the course of the seasons, filmmaker Oscar Perez observes life in Deltebre, which has been paralyzed by multiple crises. In fall, two sisters prepare for the onslaught of the tempestuous sea, which swallows up more of their land year after year. And when spring finally arrives, stagnation in the town comes even more clearly into view. Manolo lost his job more than two years ago, and he has reduced his physical activity to an absolute minimum, though his appetite is as big as ever. The advice of his doctor unintentionally diagnoses the condition of an entire community: “You have to walk as though you’re going somewhere. With purpose.”


Oscar Pérez

Oscar Pérez studied film in the London College of Communication; he is currently an associate professor in the Audiovisual Communication degree in Universidad Pompeu Fabra. Oscar Pérez has written, directed and produced many  documentaries screened and awarded at international film festivals – IDFA, Mostra, Locarno IFF, Silverdocs. In 2009, Oscar Pérez founded Getsemaní Produccions.

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El tram final

2014, 58', DCP

Directed by:
Oscar Pérez

Screenplay by:
Oscar Pérez, Mia de Ribot

Edited by:
Oscar Pérez

Oscar Pérez

Produced by:
Getsemani Production

Festivals & Awards:

IDFA 2014