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Sounds of the Soul

Robin Dimet
Screening time  
23.02. / Monday, 13:00 - 15:00 Theatre 1  
26.02. / Thursday, 18:00 - 20:00 Theatre 3  
'Sounds of the Soul' attempts to capture something of the Russian soul, in which fatalism and black humour exist side by side.

Nothern Russia, Siberia 2013, winter. We can’t say they are alone, but we cannot say that they are part of society. We can’t say they are illegal, but we cannot say that they are legal. We can’t say they don’t like their life. Robin Dimet has always been fascinated by the resourcefulness the Russian people have developed to help them survive in a system of rampant liberalism. He wanted to give the people the chance to express themselves: those for whom life is a fight for survival, who don't fit into the system; he wanted to film them in their everyday life. By filming spontaneous slices of life that unfold endlessly, in the image of this sprawling country, he attempted to capture something of the Russian soul, in which fatalism and black humour exist side by side. Film is part of Cinetrain project.


Robin Dimet

Robin Dimet studied cinema at the University of Saint Denis before going on to complete his studies at the Russian National School of Cinema (VGIK) in Moscow. He has made several documentary films including Zéro Neuf (2003), A l’Ouest (2005), Moskva-Chmelkova (2007), Chiméra’s Dream (2012), and shot his first fiction film Nagavé City (2010). He is currently working on his second fiction film and on the script for a feature film, The King of Omoul, which takes place in Siberia. Dimet also works as a director of photography and editor on documentary and institutional films.

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Sounds of the Soul

Russia, France
2014, 30', DCP

Directed by:
Robin Dimet

John Craine

Edited by:
Delphine Dumont

Aurelien Py, Guillaume Protenko

Produced by:
Les Ruines de Carthage, Mirumir Studio

Festivals & Awards:

Eastern Breeze 2013 – Best Documentary Award; Festival du film de l'environnement Paris 2015; Les Rencontres cinématographiques de Bejaïa 2014; Traces de Vies Clermont-Ferrand 2014