ZagrebDox Films at Documentary Fortnight in MoMA


Four films from the ZagrebDox programme, 'Domino Effect', 'Guidelines', parts of the omnibus 'Cathedrals of Culture' and 'Of Men and War' are screened at Documentary Fortnight in MoMA New York City.

Documentary Fortnight, the international festival of non-fiction film and media, taking place 13-27 February at New York City’s MoMA, will screen four films included in the ZagrebDox programme.

These are Domino Effect, a film by Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosołowski, made in German-Polish production, screened in ZagrebDox’s Happy Dox section. Taking place in Abkhazia, a war-torn country near Crimea and Ukraine, this documentary humorously shows the efforts of the Abkhaz minister of sport to return his country on the world map with a mysterious Domino World Championship. A Teen Dox film screened at MoMA is Guidelines (Jean-Francois Caiss, Canada), a film about adolescents from a high school in rural Quebec with behavioural issues. Why they pull pranks, how they feel and what they think, they will try to explain in conversations with their teachers and social workers, painting a part of their world divided in school and off-school time.

Documentary Fortnight also screens a part of the 3D omnibus Cathedrals of Culture (Wim Wenders, Michael Glawogger, Michael Madsen, Robert Redford, Margreth Olin and Karim Aïnouz) from ZagrebDox’s Masters of Dox section, namely Michael Madsen’s part about the Norwegian Halden prison, known as the most humane prison in the world. MoMA also scheduled a slot for Of Men and War from ZagrebDox’s international competition, directed by Laurent Bécue-Renard about a group of American soldiers suffering from PTSD after returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Documentary Fortnight is the annual festival of recent documentaries exploring the connections between contemporary art and documentary film practices. Check out more information HERE.