Who the fuck is Jett Rebel? The biggest Dutch teen celebrity!


The Teen Dox section features a dynamic musical documentary following the teen celebrity Jett Rebel. This is a story for all those who once wished they were famous, without counting on the down sides.

Dutch musician Jelte Tuinstra (23) is a young star of great promise, a talent unseen for decades in the Netherlands. However, there is only one problem: Tuinstra himself is too shy to deal with the popularity. So he created an alter ego, Jett Rebel. Anything can be done under this name. When he puts on a fur coat and some lipstick, it all becomes a tad better. Then he is ready to become a teen idol, right off a poster girls religiously have above their beds.

But what kind of effect does this have on Tuinstra? In this dynamic musical documentary, director Linda Hakeboom follows him closely and records his moods to reveal the other side of fame. Who the Fuck Is Jett Rebel? screens at this year’s ZagrebDox in the Teen Dox section.

Check out the film trailer HERE, and the video of Jett Rebel’s Tonight HERE.