Who's all coming to the opening of ZagrebDox?


The 11th edition of ZagrebDox officially opens of Sunday, 22 February at 8pm, Cineplexx Kaptol Centre.

In four theatres, the festival opens with the film Two Raging Grannies, directed by Håvard Bustnes. Before the screening, the guests will be greeted by the director via video message, and afterwards by Shirley and Hinda, the two 90-year-old revolutionaries from Seattle. Next to the director of ZagrebDox Nenad Puhovski, Croatian directors and jury members: Vinko Brešan, Ivana Simić Bodrožić, Jelena Pašić, Hrvoje Mabić and Ana Matan, the opening will be attended by: Latvian director Viesturs Kairišs (Pelican in the Desert), French director Daniel Touati (Brother and Sister), Spanish director Oscar Pérez (The Final Stretch), Norwegian director August B. Hanssen (Ida’s Diary), Iranian director Firouzeh Khosrovani (Fest of Duty) and Finnish director Mika Purola (Emergency Call), American director Helen Hood Scheer (The Apothecary) and Dutch director Susanne Opstal (Nowhere Place).